If you know of a person or a company attempting to defraud the federal government, and you report this information, you could be financially rewarded for your courage. Individuals who report these attempts are known as whistleblowers.  They play a critical role in holding businesses and industries accountable.  They also protect taxpayer dollars.

Although you may be nervous to come forward for fear of repercussions from your employer, there are laws in place to protect you from retaliation.

Examples of Fraud:

When an individual or company seeks to obtain unwarranted funds from the federal government, it may be considered fraud and a violation of the False Claims Act.  This Act imposes liability on individuals and companies who defraud government programs.

Fraud occurs in virtually every industry in which government contracts exist.  Types of fraud include:

  • Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
  • Defense contractor Fraud
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Pharmaceutical Fraud
  • Environmental Fraud
  • Federal Crop Insurance Fraud
  • Construction Fraud
  • Student Loan Repayment Fraud