Abuse and neglect of the vulnerable, including elders, is an insidious and prevalent issue in the United States. Often, it is a trusted caregiver, even a family member, that is committing the abuse, which makes it even more difficult to identify and end. Incidents of elder abuse have continued to rise, despite increasing efforts from the Department of Justice and FBI to protect these more vulnerable citizens.  At Smith Foster King, our experienced legal team wants to help protect the elderly from abuse, and to help you and your family recover from the damages that this abuse may have caused.

Abuse takes on many forms. All forms are reprehensible and should be stopped:

  • Physical Abuse: unexplained bruising, fractures, and bedsores.
  • Verbal Abuse: threats, yelling, name-calling, and public shaming.
  • Neglect: isolation, refusal to communicate, failing to provide basic forms of care both physical and emotional.
  • Sexual Abuse: a shocking and egregious form of harm.
  • Financial Abuse: elderly persons living with a diminished mental capacity, or who have relied on others to manage their financial resources, may be vulnerable to fraud and theft.

Don’t let this abuse and neglect continue. Contact Smith Foster King and let us help protect you and your family.